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Owner / CFO / Management

Gain Clarity into what's happening day to day. Spend less time hunting data from the field staff.


Spend less time uploading progress photos and manually logging data.


Capture all granular details so they can effectively bid work, increase profitability, and hand off the crew.

Project Manager

Stay on top of repair progress for the many projects they're juggling simultaneously

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Rocket Dry

Moisture Logs & Equipment Tracking

Create drying chambers to place and track drying equipments with ease. Accurate equipment logs & Energy consumption reports to speed up the billing process

  • Automatically generated Equipment lists
  • Moisture Logs & Reporting
  • Equipment tracking from warehouse to chamber


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Automate Reporting

Focus your attention where it is most needed

RocketPlan Data allows you to create professional, standardized reports that will be automatically generated for you.

Eliminate tedious paperwork and focus your attention where it is most needed.

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Photos, Damages, and Notes

Organize all job site Photos, Damages & Notes automatically by location, in units, rooms & albums.

Built for Technicians in the field by Industry Experts to allow Project Managers and Estimators to do their jobs more efficiently! 

  • Neatly organize documentation
  • Automate report generation
  • Easily share information with stakeholders & adjusters

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